Runaway and Homeless Youth
New York State Licensed Clinical Psychiatric Social Workers provide services to runaway and homeless youth, and those involved in the juvenile justice system who are 12 – 21 years old, without cost, for residents in Brookhaven Township. The program also provides training in independent living skills for youth 16 – 21 who are considered homeless. Services provided through the Sanctuary Program include:

Counseling: Short-term counseling (three to six months) for youth in conflict or crisis with their family, school or peers. This includes crisis intervention services for runaway and homeless clients.

Advocacy: Adolescents and their families are sometimes unable to deal with services and the system. Youth are offered assistance in obtaining health, education, welfare and legal services.

Short term emergency housing: Establishing a safer environment than living on the streets, youth are referred to temporary housing at County and not-for-profit residential facilities. Please note that we do not provide on-site housing at the Town Youth Bureau.

Homeless project: For youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, counseling and advocacy for education, employment and basic needs are available.

Family mediation: Counseling services are provided to adolescents and their families to assist in resolving disputes that may interfere with youth staying in their homes.

Information and referral: Adolescents and their families are often unaware of available services and programs in their community. Information and referrals are offered to help allocate these necessary resources.

Employment and College Preparation: Adolescents are assisted with gaining meaningful employment and receive guidance regarding the college application process.

Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
PHONE: (631) 451-8011
For emergencies at all other times, please call RESPONSE CRISIS HOTLINE at 751-7500