The following Rental Renewals may be available for renewal online:
• Original agent/expediter continues to represent owner of property or the Owner now represents themselves. Please note that if a new agent/expediter is used this renewal cannot be processed online.
• Number of maximum occupancy and number of bedrooms has not changed.
• Single Family Rental Only. Duplex and Multi-Family rentals are NOT eligible for online renewals.
• Ownership has not changed.
• No Town Violations
• A sworn affidavit must be received by and approved by the Building Department prior to the issuance of the Provisional Rental License.

NOTE: This application is for temporary registration only and does not constitute an effective Provisional Rental License.

*** All residents renewing a Town of Brookhaven Building Department permit using a credit card or debit card will
be charged a 2.35% convenience fee, or a $1.50 convenience fee if 2.35% of the renewal cost is below $1.50. ***

You can find your tax map number on your Tax Bill. Click here for example.

Physical Address:

Work Description:
I am the *


Physical Address:
Other than the allowable work covered by the single rental registration needing renewal, I hereby attest that no additional structures or improvements have been made to the property since the submission of the original Certification of Structures form. *
I further attest that all statements made herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. I further understand that in the event that I have knowingly and willfully made any false statements, I will be liable for punishment in accordance with all applicable laws and statutes. *
I hereby affirm that no work will be done prior to the issuance of the above rental registration and all continued work will be in conformance with the scope of the permit, survey, and plans submitted pursuant to Section 57 of the Worker’s Compensation Law, the Brookhaven Town Code, any and all applicable local, city, state and federal zoning ordinances, building codes, fire safety codes, health codes and property maintenance codes. Article 15 of the Executive Law of the State of New York, Section 296-5 (A)(1) prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental or lease of housing accommodations because of race, creed, color, or national origin. *
I hereby agree and intend to sign and affirm by clicking this box I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this application. *
I understand that my signing and submitting this application in this fashion is the legal equivalent of having placed my handwritten signature on the submitted application and this affirmation. *
I understand and agree that by submitting this application in this fashion, I am affirming to the truth of the information contained herein and that I am the property owner for the rental registration being renewed. *
I understand and agree that the Building Division reserves the right to review the details of this renewal application including but not limited to: fee calculations, review of the scope of proposed work, or violations research and may contact me to verify and correct such information prior to the issuance of the renewed Rental Registration. *
I affirm that there are no existing or outstanding violations of any Federal, State, or County Laws or Rules or Regulations or of any Town of Brookhaven Local Laws or Ordinances pertaining to this property; and that there are no changes to any information as provided on the prior valid Rental Registration and Application. *
I/My Client have not altered the floor plan or use of all rooms or areas of residence since the issuance of the previous rental registration. *
I acknowledge that I am aware of the definition of Family in 85-1 of the Brookhaven Town Code which allows for a residence to be rented to no more than 3 Persons not considered a family. I further understand that the Temporary Rental Registration and Provisional Rental License description may be altered to reflect compliance with the Code. *
Does any officer or employee of the Town of Brookhaven, member of an executive committee of a political party, or his/her spouse, brother, sister, parent, child, grandchild, or spouse of any of them, have an interest in this application by virtue of being the actual applicant, being the owner of the actual property or having an interest in the corporation, partnership or association making such application? *

Interested Party Name:

Interested Party Name:

Interested Party Name:


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Rental License Renewal Fee:
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Credit Card Convenience Fee:
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