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Payment of Taxes
The annual Village taxes are due in full between June 1 and July 1 without penalty. According to Real Property Tax Law section 922, payment of taxes on a timely basis is the responsibility of the property owner even if a tax bill has not been received! The property owner will be liable for all penalties and interest on late payments. Kindly send the stub portion of the bill with your payment and be sure to include your phone number. Visit Tax Assessor Main Page

Most mortgages include an escrow account for payment of taxes. If a property owner satisfies of a mortgage during the year, the property owner should check with the Tax Receiver to determine if the tax was paid by the bank. The bank will not necessarily forward a tax bill to the property owner after the mortgage has been satisfied. The owner will be liable for penalty and interest even if the bank did not forward a bill.

Delinquent Taxes
For taxes remaining unpaid after July 1, add 5% for the first month and 1 % for each additional month thereafter.

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