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Type of Records Being Sought:
 * By checking Only "Building Records (NO Violations)," you acknowledge that you will only be receiving one or more of the following items: Surveys, Permits, COs, CEUs and/or CZCs, Plans/blueprints, Rental Registration and/or Accessory Apartment License. If you would like BUILDING records and VIOLATIONS, please enter two separate requests as these are managed by different departments.

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Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Application

FOIL Response Time: The Public Officer’s Law requires that a municipality acknowledge receipt of the original FOIL request within five business days. Please allow 20 business days to receive the requested information or documents before contacting this office. After 20 business days, kindly email us for a status update.

FOIL FeesIf a FOIL request asks for copies of the records sought, there will be a statutory fee (Cost of reproduction), which is $0.25 per page or $5 per copy of plans. Postage will also be charged if applicable and the records are not picked up at Town Hall.

FOIL Officer:
Jennifer Lutzer
Law Department
1 Independence Hill
Farmingville, NY 11738

FOIL Appeals Officer:
Donna Lent
Brookhaven Town Clerk
1 Independence Hill
Farmingville, NY 11738

View the United States Department of Justice Freedom of Information Act Web page.

View the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Web page.